these are not my children

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Anonymous asked:
Are you homophobic?



No not at all. I’m don’t ‘support’ the lifestyle, but I don’t hate them, or discriminate against them. Jesus still loves them, so I do too.

the christian way to say you’re homophobic.


Mt. Aconcagua
By Greta Tuckute


Happy Caturday! 

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I’m ready for my love to be home. Missin’ that little turd.

She’s only been gone for like two days.

I took this hella grainy photo today in order to capture the feelings I have in regards to the amount of classwork I have to do. They aren’t good feelings. At least I’m cute.

Anonymous asked:
i noticed your icon pic on here and just have to say wow that is everything i aspire to be WITH

Well that’s awfully flattering :) I like knowing that for sure haha.

But alas, I’ve already been taken off the market by a lovely, little lady.



Marta Klonowska (b. 1964, Warsaw, Poland) - Animal sculptures made from shattered glass pieces. Represented by: Lorch + Seide Gallery.

These look like creatures from Dark Souls or something.




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